The completed Shodo Kimono, an installation and performance art work by Mirena Rhee in Central Park

Shodo Kimono, 30 x 45 feet, mixed media, 2012


Shodo Kimono

Shodo was a Japanese calligraphy inspired audience participation installation. It was a take on an earlier Runway piece except this time the palette was restricted to red and black ink. The red ceiling from Xquisite Corpse Act Two was strewn on the lawn and occasionally worn by the artists. In the afternoon, Harriet form London, a passer by, came to say the installation looked like a Kimono from far away. Owning to Harriet, the red fabric found its place alongside the drawing and Shodo Kimono was complete.

Mirena created Shodo on Easter Sunday in 2012 in Central Park with the active participation of the audience of New York.