As part of Xquisite Corpse Act One I wore a white canvas dress on the streets of Manhattan and asked New Yorkers from all walks of life to write me a message. From the delivery guy on East 51st street, people waiting to be seated for lunch on the Upper East side, the doormen of Radio City hall, patrons waiting for their limousines at the Art Fairs, to the amazing person who literally dragged me inside the Armory Show, to visitors of Scope - New York, to a bar on 6th ave, to the cashier at Trader Joe's on 23rd street.. In 15 languages and almost 200 messages, we wrote the poem of our collective subconscious and I called it Today. Thus, the Xquisite Corpse Poem was written and Xquisite Corpse Act One was complete.  

Today - Front:

Mirena Rhee's Today wearable canvas - Front


  My initial idea was to start on the back of the canvas and ask people to write messages neatly, one after the other. You can see the back of the canvas below - the first message, "It's a beautiful day in NYC", was written near 5th ave and 51st street near St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan. It all started orderly and the messages were bright and sunny. It was a nice day in New York city. As the afternoon and evening wore off - I ended the performance near Scope art fair near peer 94 and all rules disappeared with the daylight.  

Today - Back:

Mirena Rhee's Today wearable canvas dress - Back