Memory Replacement Election Day performance by Mirena Rhee. The People have the Power

New and realized Works. Soon! Memory Replacement World Trade Center.


Memory Replacement World Trade Center

We don't want to be replaced, we wanna be changed.

Memory Replacement - Election Day was a success. We had out Memory Replaced. Nov 8th.

We had our memory completely replaced this Election Day. Creative lobotomy was performed and wing transfer completed. We have more power than we think.

Today London - The Flip Side! was a success. We got paint everywhere

I asked Londoners from all walks to draw on the Flip Side! Together we wrote the poem of our collective subconscious and I called it Today London - The Flip Side !

Works In Progress. Roadside Attraction

Xquisite Corpse has so far happened exclusively in urban spaces in New York and it is time to take it on the road. Soon coming to a city near you - the Art Truck.


Site specific Installation and Performance art on Governors Island in New York. It was created as a response to the nearby Mark di Suvero sculptures and took place during Figment art festival.


DAF Installation and Performance commissioned for Dumbo Arts festival. A splash of color in the midst of the urban gray of Dumbo, where the audience becomes part of the piece, again.


Act Two

After 200 people came and went, 12 hour painting marathon and no script, no money changed hands, no models, no artists, no audience, because anyone that stepped into the studio that day played their own script, became the artists, the models, the canvas, the audience of their own painting. Caution - nudity.


Act Three

Xquisite Corpse went to the High Line Park to test some boundaries and introduce color to the walkway of urban gray.



The most amazing day in the life of Xquisite Corpse, I asked New Yorkers from all walks of life to write me a message. From the delivery guy on East 51st street, people waiting to be seated for lunch on the Upper East side, the doormen of Radio City hall... Together, we wrote the poem of our collective subconscious and I called it Today.

The Runway

The central piece in Xquisite Corps Act Two which provided momentum for action. No one remained indifferent toward the Runway and the audience kept changing it in all kinds of ways until the paint run out.



Due to intervention from the audience, Xquisite Shodo turned into a giant Kimono. An installation created in Central Park over Easter Weekend, where we paint together with the audience using long brushes, ink and a giant piece of paper.